Do you know what? I’ve grown weary.

Yes, you heard that correctly; I’ve been consumed by ennui. I work in an industry where one would assume I’d have a plethora of options to choose from. I have been employed in the IT sector for nearly eight years, yet it feels as if nothing has significantly changed during that time.

I’m referring to how I can’t seem to enjoy a holiday, a day decreed by the government as a non-working day. These days simply eat into my vacation leave allocation.

Moreover, I have specific working hours, typically 9 to 6. I don’t object to the standard 8-hour workday. What frustrates me is the rigidity of it all – the requirement to clock in at 9 AM and clock out at 6 PM. This routine has been unchanging for the past eight years.

There are numerous job openings that offer flexible work hours, where the only requirement is to log 8 hours of work in a day, regardless of the timing. This is the kind of job I yearn for.

Sure, there are plenty such roles in the IT industry, but unfortunately, not in my current position as a service desk operator.

I’ve grown tired of having to answer a multitude of calls and chats every single day, even on holidays.

I’m weary of the same old routine that has persisted for eight years. Is it foolish of me to continue in this job? I crave variety. As the first point of contact for all IT requests or incidents, I find myself longing for a level-up. I desire to become a Level 2 operator, or a position where I’m called upon only when something occurs, rather than having to be online every single day of the year.

I possess skills that I believe qualify me for a higher-level position, such as in networking or end-user computing – roles that are more advanced than a service desk operator. I am certainly not at the bottom of the ladder.

What I need is to find a new company that values and appreciates my skills more than my current role does. After eight years, I’m frustrated that I haven’t yet attained a senior level.

But hey, I’m determined. I’ll pursue that certification, whether it’s CCNA, Microsoft Certifications, or anything else I can leverage to apply for a higher position. I’ve grown weary of the monotony at the service desk.

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