Full Block Style Letter

Full Block Style

Straight shape Fully (Full Block Style) is a form letter in which the neck Letters, Letter Body, and Legs Letters do not form a paragraph but to form a full block from left to right. However, the composition or structure of the letter remains valid in the letter. In typing this letter usually starts from the left edge of the wedge line. Parts of the letter of Shape Straight Full (Full Block Style):

  1. Letterhead
  2. The date of the letter
  3. Letter No.
  4. Attachment
  5. Concerning
  6. The letter is aimed at
  7. A word of salutation
  8. Body of the text
  9. Introduction letter
  10. Explanation of the contents of the letter
  11. Closing the letter
  12. Closing Greetings
  13. Name of office
  14. Signature
  15. Who signed the name
  16. Carbon copy
  17. Page appendix letter / Initials
Example : 

2185 Sunlight Avenue
New Jersey, Oklahoma K2G 1V8
October 12, 2011

Joseph Hugain,  Human Resources Manager
Global Market Incorporated
12 Lucky Avenue
Brooklyn, New York M5W 1E5

Dear Mr. Joseph:
This is semi-block letter format.
It too begins with the sender’s address, the date, the receiver’s name and address, and then the opening salutation. The difference between full-block and semi block is easy:

  • In full-block format, nothing is indented.
  • In semi-block format, the sender’s address, date and closing salutation are indented.
  • In semi-block format, it is also permissible to indent the paragraphs, but it is not necessary to do so.

If you have questions about this format, please email me.

Issa Dhariansyah R
Issa Dhariansyah

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