Beach Games for Kids: More Fun Than a Seagull Stealing Your Sandwich!

Picture this: You’re at the beach, the sun is shining, and your kids are ready for a day of fun. But after about 10 minutes, the excitement wanes and you hear that infamous declaration, “I’m bored!” Well, dear reader, don’t let the fun dry up like a forgotten jellyfish on the shore. Here’s a list of super fun, engaging, and occasionally silly beach games your kids (and probably you too) will love. 1. Volleybalooza – Not Your Average Volleyball: Sure, you could play regular volleyball, […]

Beachy Keen: A Playful Guide for Parents Gearing Up for their Kiddo’s First Beach Adventure

Whisking your kiddos off to the beach for the first time is an exciting adventure filled with sandcastles, seashells, and the occasional jellyfish sighting. But as parents, we also understand that any outing with children is like preparing for a tiny Apollo mission. A beach trip is no exception. So, to keep your little ones safe, entertained, and to avoid turning your beach outing into a beach “ouching,” we’ve prepared a list of 10 essential things you need to consider before heading seaside. 1. A […]