The Importance of Squad Depth: A Case Study of Arsenal’s Premier League Run

The 2022-2023 Premier League season has been a rollercoaster ride for Arsenal. The Gunners, led by Mikel Arteta, have shown flashes of brilliance, but their inability to maintain consistency has been their Achilles’ heel. Despite finishing second, a position that none from pundits predicted at the start of the season, the lack of squad depth has been a glaring issue that has prevented them from clinching the title.

The Depth Dilemma

One of the key factors that have hindered Arsenal’s title challenge has been the lack of available players. Injuries to key players have been a recurring theme throughout the season, leaving Arteta with limited options. This lack of depth has been particularly evident in the latter stages of the season, where the Gunners have struggled to maintain their early momentum.

Bukayo Saka, one of Arsenal’s standout performers, recently expressed his disappointment over the team’s title collapse. “It really hurts so much to even think about how we’ve ended this season and what could have been,” Saka said in a recent interview with Despite the disappointment, Saka remains optimistic about the future, stating that the team is still hungry for trophies.

Arteta’s Substitution Strategy

Arteta’s strategy of substituting players has also come under scrutiny. While the manager has been forced to make changes due to injuries, some critics argue that his substitutions have often disrupted the team’s rhythm and momentum. This has been particularly evident in the final stages of matches, where Arsenal have often conceded late goals.

The Need for Reinforcements

Looking ahead to the next season, it’s clear that Arsenal need to bolster their squad. Arteta needs to bring in players who can provide cover and competition for the existing squad members. This will not only provide more options for the manager but also help to keep the players on their toes.

The Saka Situation

Saka’s performances this season have been nothing short of spectacular. However, the young winger has been overworked and needs rest. The club needs to manage his workload carefully to avoid burnout and potential long-term injuries. On the other news, he just renew his contract with Arsenal run through until the summer of 2027, according to “I think I have everything I need to become the best player I can be, and that’s why I’m happy to stay here and be here for the future, because I really believe that we can achieve big things.”

Final Thoughts

Despite the disappointment of missing out on the title, Arsenal fans should be proud of their team’s performance this season. The Gunners have shown that they can compete with the best in the league, and with a few additions to the squad, they could be genuine title contenders next season.

The consistency is being a long due homework for the team. Some fans might really find it disappointing result, perhaps the mentality also contributes to their performance for the last 5 games. But every single fan should acknowledge how fantastic the run was, the possibility for the next session might make Arsenal getting stronger and more consistent like Man City. Plus, additional budget from the Champions League can attract more highly skilled players to come.

Arsenal’s season has been a tale of what could have been. However, with the right additions and a bit more luck with injuries, there’s no reason why they can’t go one better next season. The departure of Xhaka to Leverkusen this summer and Balogun apparently will add budget to bring Declan Rice and other new players. I have no idea who will going to join Arsenal next season, I am excited, but I don’t really expect anyone, let it become a surprise.

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